The Latest Installment in the Lessons Learned Series

Lessons Learned on the Ranch

Go West, young man, still exists in the pages of this book written by an East Coast girl who needed a break from life. She found exactly what she needed to hear in the silence of the mountains so she could feel free again.  

Chapter 1

Say Yes When You Want To Say No

Chapter 2

Weaning Of The Colts

Chapter 3

Living Life On The Other Side Of The Dirt

Chapter 4

Finding Bliss

Chapter 5

The Cattle Drive

Chapter 6

Things Are Not Always As They Seem

Chapter 7

Know The Path Ahead

Chapter 8

Don’t Let The Bull Get You Down

Chapter 9

Turn Off The Negative

Chapter 10

The Donkey

Chapter 11

The Wake We Leave Behind

Chapter 12

Preparation Is Key

Chapter 13

Wyoming Wind

Chapter 14

The Rock Hound

Chapter 15

Establish Your Core Values

Chapter 16

Adapt Or Die

Chapter 17

Blaze A Trail

Chapter 18

Find Joy In The Blizzard

Special thanks to Rancher Dan Eddleman of Monster Lake Ranch whose hospitality and instruction inspired LESSONS LEARNED ON THE RANCH.

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