Billie’s Mission

Journey with Billie on her Mission to embrace Lessons Learned, share them with others, encourage others to share them too and create a culture of Lessons Learned wherever you go.

Message from Billie

Did you know a lesson will repeat itself until learned?

Stop the insanity! Learn your lessons and move on to the next!

Does anyone really want to learn lessons when we know that in order to do so, we must first experience something?

And we also think of those experiences as “dark” and “no fun.”

  • Lesson plans
  • The Lesson for today
  • Here’s your homework lesson

We have been programmed to curl up in a ball and wish the lesson would go away. Even if we like the subject matter, the word “lesson” sends a negative connotation with it.

I am very much like you. I hate learning lessons that brings the pain along with it. And I know that the best lessons that have helped me grow as a person were the ones with the pain right in the middle of it. The pain was tough to bear and once I got through it, the lesson led me to a new door and a new life for me. It’s always worked that way and

I’ve learned to “enjoy the pain” waiting for the gain.

I’ll be writing about all the Lessons I’m learning in my daily walk and I hope you’ll join me in the journey.

I hope, too, that you will take moments throughout the day and watch for your own lessons to pop up. I promise you: they will. They always do when you ask to see it and when you are ready to hear it.

I would love to engage with you about your own Life Lessons journey and maybe – just maybe – your lessons will have an impact on others too. I do believe they will and I look forward to hearing your comments and spending time with you on this journey of life.

And because I’m an optimist at heart and would like to stay that way – let’s see if we can turn each lesson around to be “good.” Why not?

Keep your chin up, turn your ears on, breathe in some fresh air and look for the lessons to come your way. Be excited. Be happy. Be thankful. Be positive. Be ready.

Lessons are coming if you want them to or not.

God bless you, and God bless America.

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