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Billie gives presentations on the following subject matters. Her speeches come from authentic, real world experiences and not out of textbooks or google searches. She’s the real deal and you, your team and your audience will see that immediately when you hand her the microphone.


Lessons Learned on the Ranch:  How an East Coast girl went West to learn how to live in the city and how to run a business
After a life changing experience, Billie sold her beloved home and all her possessions and headed West for a new adventure.  She had no idea the pioneer spirit that rests in all of us would come alive in her.  She spent six months on Monster Lake Ranch in Cody, Wyoming and daily experienced how ranch life could be applied to personal growth and to growing a business.  She jotted those learnings down and read them on a daily radio show for the citizens of Cody.  Those daily radio shows became the source of her first book Lessons Learned on the Ranch.  She will be producing a series of Lessons Learned books which can be used in business settings by CEOs or Executives searching for ways to improve business performance or their own personal performance; students looking for direction in their life; travelers wanting a great and fast read that leaves them inspired and feeling good; and for just about anyone who is seeking to learn their lessons and move on to the next ones.  The sooner we learn them, the better life can be.  Repeating them should never be the option!


The Naïve Patriot: Lessons Learned fighting the beast of politics As one of the nation’s top leaders in the tea party movement, Billie went from being a mom, wife, and business owner to a warrior fighting against the political elite. She didn’t even know the political elite existed and found out quickly how powerful and corrupt they were – not only in America but across the world. Her tea party story is not for the faint of heart and you’ll learn if you want to engage in this political theater, you better be ready to fight with your words, your money and possibly your life and all you know it to be. You will be awed by this story of the tea party movement and how it was truly a grassroots movement by God – and not the Koch Brothers as many proclaim. Hear her story and you’ll be changed forever.


Letters to my Ex: Lessons Learned After the Divorce
After 38 years of marriage, Billie watched as her high school sweetheart walked out on her and out of the life they had built. Married to a man of faith, but not a faithful man, her life was shattered and her heart was crushed in a million pieces. The same woman others came to for advice, became a broken woman who lived in shock for more than a year. As part of her healing, she wrote letters to her Ex during special occasions or when she heard a special song, smelled his perfume or drove past their favorite restaurant. These letters were never mailed and are now being used to help others navigate the heartbreak of divorce and bring hope to those going through the same.  Billie absolutely hated this time in her life.  Yet she has now found joy in the new life she is living. A life she would have never lived if her Ex was still in it.  Billie brings hope for others that there is joy in the mourning.

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