Good morning friends:  Yesterday was my birthday and I was overwhelmed with so many text messages, emails, cards, flowers, gifts and hugs.  I felt so deeply loved yesterday.  It was a good day.

And suddenly – just as I was getting ready to blow out this candle in the picture — I received terrible news.  A good friend’s daughter was found dead in her dorm room.  She was 19 years old.  A good girl.  A loving girl.  She made her parents proud.  There was no foul play.  She had been complaining of severe headaches recently.  We are now awaiting word on what caused this young girl to leave too soon.

As I took in the message of her passing, I blew out the candle on my cheesecake.  I felt the significance of that candle going out and my friend’s daughters candle blowing out forever.

I don’t know what’s going on but there have been many of my friends who have buried children recently.  It just doesn’t seem right.  And the only thing I know is this — they were all believers in the One who made them.  They are in heaven celebrating with the One who made Christmas possible!

Speaking of Christmas –The holidays are joyful times for so many and for so many others  – it’s the most depressing time of year.

The lights of many people’s souls have been snuffed out by confusion, depression, anger, fear and hate.  We are divided on so many levels and instead of trying to understand – we ridicule, demean, leave and give up.  We turn mean.  We turn to alcohol and drugs.  We look for something to heal our souls.  And when people do that — the soul’s candle is snuffed out and they are walking in darkness.  They can’t see what they are doing.  They can’t see how they are affecting the soul candles of those closest to them either.  Their darkness affects your candle’s light.  It’s a sad time of year for them.  And if someone you love is walking in darkness — it’s a sad time of year for you.

Sometimes you just don’t know what to do.  You feel all hope is gone for those without a lit candle.  It’s not.  There is always Hope!  Never give up and never stop loving them.

If you can’t do anything for them right now — do something for someone else.  By giving your light to others, it will also make you feel better.  I ask that today you light the candle of a soul near you who isn’t as blessed as you right now.

How do you do that?

  • Let them know you care by calling, sending a message or a note of encouragement.
  • Give someone a pat on the back at work.
  • Visit a lonely soul.
  • Put some money in a card and hand it out to a complete stranger.
  • Don’t argue with dark souls on social media.  Instead send them heart emojis and say nothing.  If they keep arguing – keep sending hearts.
  • Invite someone to lunch and just ask them how they are doing — then listen.  People love to be heard.  Once heard, they can hear you.
  • Take flowers to your sweetheart — remember when you were pursuing her.  She loved that!
  • Go to a Christmas play and sing.  Singing makes your candle brighter — even if you sing a joyful noise.

There are so many things you can do.  Just do something.  Go light a candle today and let’s see if we can make the world a little brighter with our acts of kindness.

And — my sweet, dear friends — if you need your candle lit — do not fear picking up the phone and calling someone to tell them you need a candle lighting ceremony in your life.  Don’t sit in the darkness alone.  If you need me – just message me and I’ll be there by phone or in person!

For those who sent me birthday messages — Thank You so much.  You made me feel incredibly loved.  My candle’s flame is higher and brighter today because of you.

Please pray for my dear friend, Bill, as he makes plans to lay his daughter to rest.  He is living every parent’s nightmare.

Merry Christmas friends.  I so appreciate your candle in my life!  It helped light the way when my candle’s flame was low.  xoxoxo


Billie has spent nearly 30 years helping CEOs through executive coaching, leadership development and board governance. She became well known throughout Florida for promoting and building CEO roundtables in every major city for Vistage Florida, a think tank for CEOs. She has earned a reputation for her keen understanding of the motivations, challenges and goals of people and has become a life-long student/teacher of leadership. She craves anything leadership related and enjoys being around the world of CEOs and executive teams. She respects the risks they take, the decision making processes they use and the jobs they create for their fellow man. She has emerged as a key resource for those who want to understand insights about business, executives, management teams and board dynamics.  And she especially loves the Leader of all – her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  

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