I spent Sunday in a fog.   Why?

  1. I had a big project I was working on and the details were complex. I was trying to figure out how to take all that data so it could be easily understood.
  2. I wasn’t feeling well and my body was fighting an injury. I felt fatigued and knew my body was trying to heal itself. I found myself taking naps in-between the complex detail project and although I loved the naps, the work was nagging at me.
  3. I was leaving town for a week and my mind was on packing.  I had a lot to do and that meant not only packing clothes but work stuff too had to go along with me.


I finally gave in and fell into bed at 9:00 p.m. My injured ankle was throbbing, my head was spinning and my prayers were going up “Help me, Lord, to get it all done. Help me to sleep too.  I need the rest.  Amen”


At 4:30 a.m. I woke up and was glad I did. I needed to get back to the project, pack my bags, and get out of town.


As I rolled over and looked out the window, there it was – The Fog.


I laughed out loud at God.  The fog in my brain from Sunday was now in plain sight on Monday morning.  I snuggled under the covers and talked to God.  I told Him I appreciated His humor by showing me the actual fog I was in yesterday.  Not too many can see the fog move from their brain to the window pane!  I appreciated the good night’s sleep He provided for me.  I appreciated the fact angels watched over me last night.  I appreciated I was alive for another day to try to make a difference in the world.  I appreciated He would make sure the sun would rise and the fog would disappear not just outside my window but also inside my soul.  He had done it every day of my life and He wasn’t going to fail me now!

As I crawled out of bed and faced this new day, I knew all was right with the world.  I also knew:

  • The complex project would somehow get done.  I just had to stop worrying about it and pray for Him to help me “get er dun.”
  • The injury would be healed eventually through the wisdom of a wise doctor and from me listening to his advice to REST!
  • My bags would be packed and if I forgot anything – there’s always a store nearby.  I’m not going to the Amazon River — just up the road to South Carolina for crying out loud!
  • And if I just wait a few hours, the Sun would rise and I would see clearly again.

My friends, I don’t know if you are in a fog or not on this Monday morning.  And if you are, I pray this week will find you living in the Son and the fog of your life will disappear.  I also hope you will ask God to give you clarity of mind, healing in your body and feeding of your soul.

It’s Monday.  You have a clean slate.  Go make a difference and help clear the fog in someone’s life.  Just do what you can to bring a little Son Shine to the world around you.  And leave the fog clearing to God!

God bless you and God bless America.

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