It’s exciting to watch as millions of people across the country have traveled to get the best spot possible to look up at the Great American Eclipse.

It’s a big deal.

People have planned vacations around it. Hotels are completely sold out along the eclipse line. Millions of eclipse glasses have been sold and if you’ve waited until today to get yours — you are probably not getting any.

It’s a big deal.

Some businesses have closed to let their employees experience this exciting event.  Even schools are closing or allowing excused absences for those who don’t show up.

It’s a big deal.

For those who haven’t paid much attention – because life has taken your attention elsewhere – you might wish today you had prepared better for it.  No problem.  There are hundreds of youtube videos to help Last Minute Eclipse People prepare to see it through pin holes in boxes or simply on live streaming on the internet.

It’s a big deal.

I’m excited.  I’ve researched and waited for the Great American Eclipse to show up and it’s finally here.   I had plans to travel and be in Wyoming for this big deal but alas I could not manage my calendar to make it happen.  But…

It’s a big deal…

and I’m going to see at least 90% of the eclipse and I guess that’s good enough.  All I want to do is make sure I’m looking at the sun when the moon dances with her today.

I’m looking at it from a spiritual perspective.  NASA will lead the news about the Eclipse and I tend to look to the ONE who put the moon and the sun up there instead.  Today is a big day for God.  He’s going to put on a REALLY BIG SHOW and He’s going to remind us He’s there AND He’s still in control of all things.

For the millions of people who are going to be looking up to the heavens, I’m so excited.  You’ll have your special glasses to protect you and know this:

God will protect you every day of your life – if you look to His Son

That’s a big deal.

And you know what else.

“The very same God that spins things in orbit
Runs to the weary, the worn and the weak.”

Yes, my friends, today is a big deal.

Some of you will keep doing what you are doing and might watch it later on the news.  Others will stop and watch it as it crosses your path.  And millions of others will be looking up.  How cool will that be to know millions will be looking up all at once?

Yes, that’s a big deal but…

One day Jesus is coming back and ALL PEOPLES AND ALL NATIONS will stop what they are doing and look up.  You’ll not need the special glasses, everyone will see it.  You will not believe your eyes and the Lessons Learned in Life will have a final curtain call on yours.  You still have time — maybe — to prepare for that big day.  You still have time to give your life – your daily life – to the One who will put on this big show today.  He loves you my friend.  He sees you and His heart aches for you to see Him.

My prayer for this day is similar to the Navajo Indians’ thoughts on the Eclipse:

“The whole process of this is that it’s rejuvenation, renewal of energy, renewal of hope that you’re going to be able to carry on from this season to the next and be able to move on in a good way,”

May you be REJUVENATED, RENEWED AND RESTORED to that place we all belong – in the lap of the ONE who made the heavens, the world and all things in it – including you.

So yes today and all days are

a big deal

because Our Redeemer Still Lives!

He’s still in charge of everything orbiting our lives and inside our hearts.  Just stop today and look up at the SON and give him the praise He deserves.  The world will turn dark for a short time but the SON will light our paths again.

It’s a big deal – oh yes it is!

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