The world sure has a lot of bad news and many of us are worrying about the future.  Heck many of us are worried about today!  

Billie wanted to share her thoughts with you on this very important subject matter.

Worrying does one thing – makes us old and ugly.  Yuck!

Here you go.  Enjoy:  

Billie has spent nearly 30 years helping CEOs through executive coaching, leadership development and board governance. She became well known throughout Florida for promoting and building CEO roundtables in every major city for Vistage Florida, a think tank for CEOs. She has earned a reputation for her keen understanding of the motivations, challenges and goals of people and has become a life-long student/teacher of leadership. She craves anything leadership related and enjoys being around the world of CEOs and executive teams. She respects the risks they take, the decision making processes they use and the jobs they create for their fellow man. She has emerged as a key resource for those who want to understand insights about business, executives, management teams and board dynamics.

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