We attended a comedy show at the Florida Times Union Performing Arts Center a few nights ago.  We were excited to hear Heather Land, the world famous comedian who uses Snap Chat to spread her message of “I ain’t doing it.”  The place was packed out and we were all excited to see the real Heather Land come out from behind her 1 minute snap chat videos.

A few minutes before she took the stage, two of her stage hands came on stage and tried to get us all “ginned up.”  But instead of getting excited, we threw our hands over our ears and tried to stop the squealing sound.  The sound was OFF and the atmosphere in the building turned to “grating on our nerves and skin crawling” quickly.

The promoter could not get the sound adjusted or turned down and instead of being happy and laughing, we were getting annoyed.  Heather Land came out and the sound got even louder.  She held the microphone too close to her mouth and the squealing made it difficult to hear her punch lines.

Our group decided to leave because our ears hurt from the high pitched noise and our head hurt from trying so hard to hear her.  We just couldn’t take it anymore.  We thought laughter would heal our souls and instead we left with our souls nervous and anxious.

Once we were out of that atmosphere, our nerves calmed down and we were able to get our joy back at the bar across the street.  LOL.

As I crawled into bed that night I thought about how our planned fun night had turned sour.  And…I thought about how many times in my life I’ve been in a room filled with laughter and joy and other times I’ve been in rooms filled with anxiety and darkness.  And I realized that it’s always about the sound coming from those mouthing the words.  They can make it joyful or painful.

And I also thought about the words coming from those in control of the media in our country.  They are sour pusses and the atmosphere they are sending across the air waves makes us all feel uneasy, unsure and unraveled.  Dang the media!  They just can’t seem to find anything good to say these days.

As I drifted off to sleep, I remembered these words from the book of Proverbs:

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.”


Oh how our world would be so different if we could find kind words, pleasant expressions or joyful sounds to send out to the universe – or at least to our little part of the universe.   It’s not that hard to change the atmosphere.  In fact, you and I control the thermostat and our own personal atmosphere around us.  We can choose to make others happy by our words and our deeds or we can choose to scream our thoughts, feelings and attitudes at them — and if we keep screaming they more than likely will leave.  Same goes with the media – keep screaming and we’ll turn you off!

It’s our choice.  We are in control of what we bring into our world.  And I for one have decided to bring as much fun and sweetness to it as I possibly can.  I’m so done with negative vibes!

I feel sorry for Heather Land.  She’s on her first tour and we hope she’ll get the sound adjusted.  She’s really funny.  It’s a new deal for her.  Sitting in her car controlling the Snap Chat 1 minute video is very different than standing in front of hundreds of people on a stage.   She needs experts to help her and she’ll do fine.  We pray she will.  She really is a hoot!

As for us, we may be fine too in the room that we control.  When we venture out today to the big world where we can’t control everything, remember this — Be Kind.  Be Gentle.  Be Funny.  Be Encouraging.  Leave the place if it doesn’t make you feel good.  Just walk away and find another place where peace abounds.

The world is very cruel these days and we can choose how we will handle all this cruelty.  You have the power!

Cruel people will not be allowed to disrupt my peace.  It’s taken me way too long to find it and I just refuse to let cruel, mean, nasty, loud people into it.  Yep, I ain’t doing it!  And you shouldn’t either!

For a few more laughs, here are a couple of Heather Land’s 1 minute videos to start your day off right.

Peace, Love, Out,  Billie

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