There will be many who disagree with my decision to stand with President Trump regarding the signing of the stinking Omnibus bill.  Stinking is the nicest word I can find to describe this bill that will not embarrass my grands.  

Here’s why I Stand with his decision:

As a CEO/Executive Coach, there are many times in an organization where the people can not understand how a CEO can make the decision he/she does.  They shake their heads.  They talk about his stupid decision in whispers in the hallway.  They go to lunch and fuss about how dumb he is.  They can not understand why he can’t see what they do.

I am privy to many of these discussions and I listen to all sides of the story.  Then I share with the CEO some things he might be missing and I share with the employees some things they might be missing.  My job is to bring the Conversation to the table.  The difficult conversations.  The fierce conversations.  It’s a fun job and a tough job but I love this work I’m blessed to have. 

Why do I love this work?  Because I adore CEOs.  Especially those who have built organizations through hard work, dedication, sacrifice and strategic mindsets.  These CEOs make the world go round by hiring others, making big decisions, and creating wealth for themselves and those who work for them.  CEOs are my heart.  My daddy was an entrepreneur and I understand how hard it is to please everyone and then please no one. 

CEOs are not in the people pleasing business. 

They are in the Organization Saving Business. 


The reason most employees do not understand WHY a CEO makes the decisions he does…They do not sit in the CEO seat. If they did so, they would understand the big picture and not just their own view of the issue. The CEO must take in all the views of the people in the organization and at the end of the day — make the decision ALONE.  And ALONE is the key.  It’s not easy to be ALONE and stand apart from the crowd to make the tough decisions…but…that’s what CEOs do and they do it to SAVE and not to hurt an organization.  

Today — after a shocking decision by our country’s CEO — I reminded myself of my own counsel to those in an organization.


“Trust in the big picture decision. Trust the CEO. 

He will not do anything intentionally to harm it. 

If you can’t trust the leader, then leave.

Otherwise stay and work together on behalf of the organization.”


Those are our choices, my friends.  There are no other.  You can choose to Leave Trump or Trust Trump.  

I will choose to Trust Trump.

Why? Because I’ve respected his decisions so far and I have a very strong sense that something big is about to happen and he wants to save the country.  He knows we are not happy and I’m sure he feels very ALONE right now.   Being ALONE is tough and I feel his struggle and how hard his decision must have been.  Now all I can do is this:

I will be praying for him. 

I will be praying for our country. 

I have no other choice. 

I have no other place to go.  

Peace, Love, Out…Billie

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