I had been sitting too long and I knew it. Working on my computer had gotten the best of me. My back was beginning to hurt and I could feel my derriere growing larger than I wanted!


It was time to get up, get out and talk a walk. A strong walk. Not a wimpy walk.


The weather was humid (it’s Florida!) and we did have a small breeze coming off the St. Johns River.


As I got closer to the view of the river, I took a deep breath and soaked in the sunshine; opened my senses to the fragrances of blooming camellias; and tuned in to the sounds of the water hitting the rock formation at the base of the river walk.


I began my brisk walk and thanked God with each step I took. I live in a beautiful city and my condo overlooks the river. I am blessed. Not everything has come easy to me yet I know – I’m blessed. When I walk, I talk to God and I let Him know how great He is.


I also thank Him for the ability to walk. For the ability to live in this beautiful city. For the ability to breathe fresh air. For the ability to say “Good morning” to my fellow walkers. For the ability to stop and take a break on a park bench if I need to. For the ability to snap a picture or two of the dazzling skyline of Jacksonville.


I’m just giddy about all the “abilities”…


And one thing stood out in my mind as I walked. Too many, way too many, walkers were on their cell phones either talking or looking down at it.  


Yes, I had my phone in my hand and it was there for picture taking or if I needed to call for help. It wasn’t there to make calls, take calls or look at text messages. I was using it as an added value to the walk I so needed.


And one by one, the phone talker walkers, slipped past me and I could not say “Good morning” or “Hey girl, look up. See the water glistening like that diamond on your fingers? How about that sky above the waterfall? Did you see the boat go by with the dog barking at us?”


No engagement. Nothing.


Hummmm. Lessons Learned were happening right here on the River Walk and I couldn’t wait to get my ever expanding derriere back in the chair to write them down.


River Walk Lessons Learned:

  • Get Up. Walk it out. If you find yourself working too much, sitting too much and expanding your bottom-side too much – a good walk is in order. It will do wonders for your health, your mind and your soul. Listen to your body. When it says “get up.” Do it. Your body speaks to you. You know that already! How about listening to it.
  • Take it all in. Before you start walking like you work – fast & furious – stop, breathe deeply, open your ears, look deeply at your surroundings and affirm your soul for all the blessings around you.
  • Walk and talk to your soul about life and what’s happening, what your needs are and certainly ask for help in those areas that have you bogged down.   Become close to yourself. It’s amazing what a good friend you can be to you if you allow yourself to be. (Think about that one for a minute!)
  • If you encounter Phone Talker Walkers, say “Hello” anyway. Maybe your Hello will wake them up for a moment. Maybe, just maybe, they can take their eyes off the tiny screens in their hands and look at the never-ending, largest screen ever created – this world we call home. It’s more colorful and more vibrant than anything they can imagine.


I believe, one day, the world will turn back to viewing the gift of this world made by God instead of the man-made objects we have grown to depend on. I know that day is coming and until then, I’ll walk out my life with joy and thankfulness for all the blessings – including you, the reader of this blog.


You’re a blessing, like it or not!


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