(This is a Love Letter to Billy Graham, a man who set the standard for living a life of purpose.   He’s a hero to me and a Warrior for the heart of men. We need more men like him and I pray they will rise up and finish as strong as he did. We can’t all be Billy Graham but we can be a better man – it’s our choice to be what we become.  I pray you’ll choose wisely and end well.  xoxoxo, Billie)


To Billy with Love,

You’ve now gone to your mansion in heaven and I can only imagine how beautiful it is. And I can only imagine what the THRONE ROOM must have been like when you stepped inside, escorted by your guardian angel, and led to the throne of God. Oh, Billy, it must have been so exciting.


I can only imagine how many souls in Heaven were standing outside the Throne room clapping and singing for you as you entered in. I know my Daddy was there. I know my Mother-in-law was there. I know many friends who heard your sermons and responded to the call to walk the aisle and accept Jesus as their Savior — were there too.


I’ll bet the angels were singing, “Just as I Am” as you walked in and fell on your knees and cried “Holy, holy, holy.”


I can only imagine how God stood up, walked towards you and lifted your head and said, “Good job, my faithful servant. You are home.”


I can only imagine after those words, Heaven became one huge Crusade of believers who hugged you, patted you on the back and escorted you to that mansion you so deserve.


What now, Billy? What do we look like from heaven? You saw masses of lost people during your crusades in stadiums far and wide. But now – your view is bigger and you see the sad faces of millions upon millions who STILL need the LOVE of Jesus. Will you still be interceding for us?


Will you be in strategy sessions with God, Jesus and the other Disciples? Will you see Angel armies heading out every day to fight battles in the unseen spaces? Will you cheer them on and watch the battles as the good angels fight off the warring ones? Will you still pray for us, Billy, as you watch from heaven?


I know one thing is certain, your voice and your life’s work will never be silenced. The airwaves down here are filled with your sermons and people are speaking about your life on TV and the Internet is filled with memes and your quotes. Oh Billy – it’s amazing.   Did you know that the worn out body you left behind will rest in the Rotunda of the Capitol in DC? That’s unheard of, Billy. No religious leader has ever been given this honor. And, Billy, you deserve it!


Oh dear Billy, thank you, thank you thank you! You touched my heart so many times when your TV crusades were playing in the living room of my family home. Every time I hear “Just as I am” I think of you – and of Jesus. Every time I hear your sermons, I ask God to forgive me for my sins too. Your sermons had a way of going right into the heart of man and jolting us alive to the saving grace of Jesus.

Oh, Billy, we need more “Billy Grahams” in this world. I hope God will replace you with many, many more men – and women – who will lead the way of LOVE in our nation.

We so need LOVE.

We so need Forgiveness.

We so need Reconciliation.

We so need Repentance.

We so need Jesus.


And we so need to stop the insanity of looking for LOVE in all the wrong places with all the wrongs things.


Help us, Billy, and please get with God today. If you don’t mind, would you ask this of Him:


  • Please forgive them Lord. They know not what they do.
  • Open their eyes to see the Truth because Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and no man can get to you without Him.
  • Heal their wounded hearts and restore a right spirit within them.
  • Bring home the prodigal sons, daughters, husbands, wives and restore broken homes and let LOVE replace selfishness in those homes.
  • Show the world that the Government is on your shoulders – not theirs. Their burdens are heavy because they think they are in charge, instead of you.
  • Protect the little children and let them come to you. They are under attack down there and our children need YOU more than ever.
  • Refocus their attention on that Old Rugged Cross so despised by the world.


Oh Billy – I know you still have our backs and you’ll be waiting at the Pearly Gates for more of us who will one day end our life here and travel to our eternal home in heaven.


I know I’ll not have the multitudes of people waiting to escort me because I haven’t done the things on earth that you did. Maybe I’ll have a few people there BUT that doesn’t stop me from starting today to make sure there are more! I want to fill heaven with those who come in my path – especially those who are closest to me and the ones I love so deeply.  I want them to share heaven with me!

Help me keep the faith and share the Cross of Jesus to all I come in contact with. We are not all like you, Billy, so help me to be bold. Help me to speak Truth. Help me to fulfill my purpose. Help me to LOVE the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable. Help me to be a better person today than I was yesterday and live as if today is going to be my last – because it just might be.


I know you were a mortal man and this is not a post idolizing you. It’s a post thanking you for living out your purpose – which is really all of our purposes – to LOVE your fellow man and LOVE the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.  What a simple purpose and why, Billy, oh why, do we make things so much harder than that?  We are such a mess and need to simplify the things of our life.  Help us to see that too.

Enjoy heaven, dearest Billy. We’ll miss you and we are thankful for technology because your voice will never die.  Even from heaven, you’ll be changing the hearts of men when they hear your words.  WOW, Billy, what a great life you lived.  You did set the standard high – and that’s a good thing!

Love you and thanks again for speaking Love into my heart,






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