It’s Christmas in America and a wonderful feeling is in the air.  A feeling we haven’t felt for a while now.  A feeling titled “hope.”

Americans are once again hopeful about their future and jobs, jobs, jobs are abundant.  The economy is exploding.  Businesses are hiring.  Opportunities abound for people to reclaim the wealth they lost in their retirement accounts and their home values.

Roads are under construction; new home developments are popping up; and people are spending money thereby infusing the economy and helping others get back on their feet.

There is nothing like coming out of a major 10 year depression — both corporately as a nation and individually — and see hope on the faces of people again.

Hope.  That one word that can change the heart of man and the soul of a nation.

Hope.  The one thing we hold on to when everything else has vanished.

Hope.  The anticipation that things will get better or you’ll get that promotion or your lost loved one will return.

Hope.  The belief that no matter what, joy will come in the morning.

Some of you reading this may feel a little hopeless today.  Maybe it is not all right in your world.  Maybe you have lost hope because your wait for whatever it is you are waiting for — has been too long, too difficult and too painful.  The toll on you has been tough.  Hope deferred has weighed heavily on you.

I get it.  I understand.  I’ve been there.  I didn’t think I could hang on any longer and the grasp on hope was slipping in my soul.  Yet I knew, if I gave up the only thing I had left – HOPE – then there really wasn’t anything left at all.

Hope.  The one word I heard over and over from relatives and friends — and the one word that got me through when no other word would.

Hope.  The anticipation that something good is about to happen.

Hope.  The word can change your total appearance and make you younger too!  (Who doesn’t want that?)

And my friends — I’m hopeful for you!  I’m hopeful for me!  I’m hopeful that the tide is turning in America and bringing with it good tidings of great joy for all people.  All people!

Hope.  That is my wish for you this Christmas.  I hope you get what you’ve been waiting for.  I hope your life is filled with peace and joy.  I hope the restoration you seek will be under the Christmas tree this year.  I hope your broken heart will heal with the salve of our Lord.  I hope you don’t lose hope.  And, I hope you’ll wrap hope up for someone who might need it this Christmas.  If you don’t have hope, giving it to someone else seems to bring it back to you too.  Crazy but it’s true!

It’s great to be alive and especially in America today.  We are doing great things and making it great again too.  And how did that happen?  We never gave up Hope!  We always knew the American spirit had that one character trait that never fails a nation – Hope!  Hope for better times.  Hope for the American dream to be reignited in the hearts of its people.

Merry Christmas my special friends.  Thank you for being with me on this journey of life.  It’s been a heck of a ride and I’ve enjoyed sharing the seat with you as we held hands in prayer or threw our hands in the air and screamed with delight when Hope came knocking!

Let’s keep hoping for the best and praying for total healing in our nation.  I hope we see the healing — and for once and forever – we will all live in peace together and love our fellowman.

Enjoy my favorite Christmas song — it always gives me hope!  Hallelujah and Hope seem to go together!

Billie has spent nearly 30 years helping CEOs through executive coaching, leadership development and board governance. She became well known throughout Florida for promoting and building CEO roundtables in every major city for Vistage Florida, a think tank for CEOs. She has earned a reputation for her keen understanding of the motivations, challenges and goals of people and has become a life-long student/teacher of leadership. She craves anything leadership related and enjoys being around the world of CEOs and executive teams. She respects the risks they take, the decision making processes they use and the jobs they create for their fellow man. She has emerged as a key resource for those who want to understand insights about business, executives, management teams and board dynamics.  And she especially loves the Leader of all – her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!  







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