I was curled under the comforter and the sun started its early morning rise in my bedroom.  I didn’t want to get up.  But I’m an adult and I had to.  There was work to be done and a life to be lived.

I pulled the covers back, put my feet on the floor and to my surprise — my big toe was waving “Good Morning” through my cute little socks.  I’m not a sock in bed person, but I had decided soaking my feet in essential oils all night was just the ticket I needed for soft feet this summer.

Somehow, someway, my big toe had escaped and was exposed to the elements while the other four toes were snuggled inside the warm sock.

I keep my phone by my bed and I picked it up and snapped a picture of my foot.  I don’t know why but I knew I needed to.  There had to be a story to go along with this — I felt certain about that.

A few weeks later, I heard the Lord saying…”It’s the small things, Billie.  Tell everyone to look for the small things before they turn into big things.”

I knew He was leading me back to my big toe exposure picture.  You see, the night before when I put on those socks, I noticed a small string seemed to be unraveling from the seam of the sock.  I didn’t think too much about it and lo and behold, I probably should have.  That string evidently was telling me there was a problem with the seam and if I didn’t fix it, it would become a bigger problem.  And in the middle of the night – it did.

How many times in your life have you ignored the little things and they later turned into big things?  Maybe it was the small mole or lump you ignored that turned into cancer?  Maybe it was the attitude of one of your employees who you chalked up to “that’s just Jim, Bob, Susie” and you had other great people leave because of that attitude?  Or might it be the small jabs you threw at your spouse that eventually created a wall in your relationship?  How about the small faucet leak?  Or the small dot of oil on your garage floor?  I could go on and on but you get the drift.

Life is filled more with little things than the big things.  Yet we tend to only focus on the big things of life.

If you have been ignoring that loose string in your socks, or the leaky faucet, or the little jabs from your spouse, or your body telling you something is wrong, take notice today before something breaks.  It’s time to stop ignoring that which you don’t want to deal with.

Be brave.  Be strong.  Be aware.  Be smart.

Be a “small thing strategist” and the big things of life will come your way.

And if you don’t, you’ll find yourself exposed – like my big toe.  Exposed to those things that happen when you ignore the small things.

I’m asking you right now – what is your “small thing?”  And, what shall you do today to fix it?

Thinking of you fondly,



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