We all want it … MORE TIME.

More time to get the things done.

More time to spend with those who mean the most to us.

More time to make amends for the not-so-good times.

More time to make more money.

Time…that thing you can’t see but you understand it’s importance with your last dying breath.

This past week David Cassidy passed away.  I had posters of him in my teenage room.  He was a 70’s heartthrob and when he sang “Cherish” I just knew he was singing about me!

On his death bed he uttered these words, “So much wasted time.”

That’s a profound message from a heartthrob,  He got it.  He understood that Time was what we all Cherish.

The season of Christmas is now here.  You’ll hear the commercials about buying THIS to make someone happy or to show your love to them.  And you may buy into the hype.  Let’s all agree…It’s easier to buy something than give them what we all want — TIME.

I know this from my own life.  My daughter and I found ourselves in Target on Black Friday at 6:00 a.m.  We didn’t really care about buying plastic toys for the Grands — we cared about spending TIME with each other.  You see, Black Friday shopping is a tradition for us and we’ve been doing it since she was a little girl.  Her dad and her brother would go fishing together on that day and we would go shopping.  It’s what we did and it’s what we valued more than the stuff we accumulated over the years.  We Cherished taking Time for each other and making memories.

When we got together on Thanksgiving, we spoke of the memories of the Times we spent together.  The times when I sat in the stands and screamed “That’s my boy” when he made his 3 pointers.  The times when I showed up at school to stand up for my kids or to stand alongside their teacher to straighten them out.  The times when we did this and that.  That’s what we talked about — not the stuff we can’t remember buying (except that Cabbage Patch doll I stood in line for 2 hours to purchase!).  It wasn’t about the doll – it was about spending Time getting what I thought she had to have.

We are all guilty of wasting time to work hard and buy stuff for those we love and we forget this one big ah ha — “It’s not the stuff they seek or want.  It’s your heart.  It’s your sacrifice of Time.  It’s making memories.  It’s sitting at a card table playing board games.  It’s taking a Sunday afternoon ride to the beach.  It’s going to a movie and eating popcorn from the same big bucket.  It’s showing up for your children’s Christmas play or soccer game or swim meet.  It’s taking Time off and stealing away for a weekend with your spouse. It’s picking up the phone and calling someone you care about.   It’s giving Time off to your employees so they can spend Time with their loved ones.”

Time.  So precious.  So incredibly awesome.  So valued.

So wasted.

I know Christmas will be hard for many of my friends.  Too many of them have buried a loved one and there is no more Time.  If I spoke to them today, they would say, “I wish I had more Time to say, do or spend with him/her.”  But Time is no more in those relationships.  It is what it is and I am confident they will Cherish the Times they spent together.  And I betcha… they will plan more Time with those still here before Time steals them away too.

When God made us — He did so because He wanted to spend Time with us.  He knew that Time with Him would be all we need to be joyful in this world.  But instead — we listened to that danged snake and decided we wanted more.  We wanted more than Time with God — We wanted to BE God.  And since the Garden of Eden – not one man has become God.  (Well some might think they are but we know differently  — don’t we?)

We have been searching, working, securing, and purchasing and we’ve been deceived by the great deceiver.  He’s still at work in this world stealing your joy and sending you off to waste Time.

Isn’t it Time for you to choose your time wisely.  Life is fleeting.  This Time next year you may not be here.  Or someone you love might not be here.  We have no idea what will happen but we do have Time today to do what matters.

Cherish this day and spend Time with those you love or those who love you. (Think about that for a moment.)

I Cherish You my friends.  Thank you for letting me into your world.  I pray you’ll find Time for your family, friends and most especially for the One who wants to spend Time with you.  Go back to the Garden and walk with Him and talk out your troubles and worries.  He Cherishes you!

You still have Time — but it may be gone in one second.  What will you do with this gift of time today?

RIP David Cassidy and thanks for the memories.  I value those Times you sang to me!





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