I was dreading the trip home.

I was in Chattanooga (every time I say that city name, I start singing Chattanooga Choo Choo — now you will too!) and had been in the wedding of my Sister-Friend, Amber.  She has two precious twin teenage daughters and although I flew there for the wedding, I was going to drive them home.   They are precious cargo and I did not take this responsibility lightly.

The wedding was planned outside overlooking the beautiful city of Chattanooga BUT a storm developed and it sent us inside for Plan B.  It didn’t dampen our spirits because LOVE was in the air and this couple had learned from past experiences to weather the storm and go with the flow.  Their attitude set the atmosphere and the wedding was delightful and fun…while wet umbrellas lined the foyer and we squeezed in dancing among the dinner tables and lit up the room with laughter.  We made the best of the situation.

I prayed that the storm would disappear before the next morning but alas, it was still there.  And from the weather app on my phone, it was going to be with us the entire way home from Tennessee to Florida.  Major storm warnings were in effect and tornados were expected.  It looked like a lot of prayers would be needed for our trip home.

We packed up the car and the twins and I set off for an 8-hour drive.  I took the wheel first (because I haven’t been next to a teenage driver for many moons) and we paused before leaving.  I prayed and asked God to protect us, keep us safe and to send extra angels to surround our car.  I believe in angels and we needed them today!

The rain wasn’t too bad — at first — but the pounding, sheets of rain soon found us.  And, of course, those heavy rains had to show up in Atlanta where traffic jams are 24/7 and when you add in rain — oh geez!  Once past Atlanta, we found ourselves behind those semi trucks who blew more heavy rains on the windshield and your vision ahead was nearly zero feet.  You couldn’t see the tail lights of those in front of you causing a tenseness in your shoulders and a moving forward to hold the steering wheel tight and close.  One twin was sleeping in the back seat.  The other was viewing Instagram pictures of prom night and talking to her bestie about what had happened.  I was all alone facing the fears of not seeing the road ahead and driving into a water cloud of the unknown.  The twins had no idea my heart was pounding like the rain — but it was.

I wanted to get these girls safely home.  They weren’t mine and that made taking care of them even more important.  Their mother trusted me with them.  Gulp.

I was praying and asking God for those angels to keep up with the storm.  There were so many madmen on the road.  Some were moving in and out of traffic as if they were show dogs in an agility course.  Impatient people drove up on my rear-end and stayed there thinking I must be the pace car for the interstate.  Others drove super slow with their flashers on which we all know is against the law (did you know that?)  And still others pulled over to the side of the road causing my WAZE app to warn me — “Warning, car on side of road up ahead.”

We received a warning from Grand-dad who had left before us and he suggested we get off the interstate because up ahead was a serious accident and cars were crawling.

We got off and found ourselves on the backroads of Georgia.  It was beautiful and the scenery changed my mood — a little.  My only concern was the driving, blinding rains and this road had no shoulder.  If we had to swerve for any reason, we would find ourselves in a ravine.  I heard myself singing “Jesus, take the wheel.”

The girls were still sleeping and talking prom.  I was still praying.

For four hours we endured the storm and found ourselves in Macon, Georgia at a mall with a Mexican restaurant.  Oh if only I could have a margarita right now.  That would help calm my nerves!  But of course — drinking and driving is also against the law.

While we ate, the storm died down a little and when it was time to leave, a light rain was all we had to worry about.  One of the twins took the wheel (and I took to praying even more deeply).  I had been told she was a good driver and she was!  But, she encountered many of the others I had encountered on the road.  The ones who drove too slow, too fast, and too aggressively.  She complained about each one of them and had an “older woman” flash her lights at her and then sped past giving her the stink eye.

Oh the world of interstate traveling.  What a sight it is.  You see the world and all the differences in people right there.

This picture was snapped by one of the twins as we traveled down the backroads of Georgia.  I asked her to snap a few for me.  I told her I felt a blog coming on and she wanted to know what it would be about.

So here you go, my friends.  How different people weather the storms of their lives.  That’s the topic and here’s what I deducted from the road people:

  • Some learn to jig jag through it all.  They look for ways to navigate and find ways out of the storm.
  • Some follow others.  They don’t want to venture to the front of life.  They want to follow and not lead.  It’s okay to do that as long as the one you are following is taking you down the right road!
  • Some are very aggressive and pay no attention to weather apps, people warnings or even the rules of the road.  They do what they want and some survive.  Others may be in their path and suffer the consequences of their aggressiveness.  Others may be so aggressive — they don’t survive it themselves.
  • Some are so frightened that they slow down so much and are afraid to move forward.  They even get off the side of the road and stay there with their flashers on hoping the storm will pass.  That’s okay too BUT it also is dangerous because when you slow down in life that much — you miss the beautiful backroads of life while you sit and wait.
  • Some become the pace car and find themselves in leadership.  That’s all well and good too but you better be ready for the challenge and have the tools you need and the wisdom of angels to lead people out of danger.  Never take lightly the leadership role.  Wisdom, discernment and strategy are keys to success.  Prayers for help from above are also of utmost importance!

The last few hours of the drive home were sunny and beautiful.  We had a lot of girl talk and I found the girl’s hearts were deeply rooted in their love for Jesus.  They were so happy for their mom and looked forward to being a family with their new step dad.  They had found peace in this new life change and all was good for them.

I, too, had found peace.  The storm kept me on my toes and we had weathered it.  I had even found peace with the twin driving to take a short nap.  Now that’s real peace when you can nap while a teenager has the wheel.

Yes, it was a stressful day and I knew that the reason we made it home safe and sound was because we started it right — with prayers to God to keep us safe.

If you are weathering a storm today, think about how you will manage it and then pray that God will take that wheel from you.  It’s the easiest way to survive the storms.  And inside that prayer — ask him to send your angels to surround you and help you.

The scriptures state,

For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you

in all your ways.” — Psalm 91:11.

How cool is that?  God’s got your back and your angels are sent from him to guard your ways.

Never think for a minute that you are alone on this road of life.  There are many people who will help you and God never leaves you – never.

Don’t be afraid of anything that the storms of life throw at you.  Find peace in them and you will learn to take a nap through them!  And always remember, there are others on this road with you.  Be careful how you navigate the road of life with them, too.

Peace, love, out, my sweet friends!



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