I recently flew back from a trip to Las Vegas and took this picture from my seat in the plane.

As I looked down on the cars going to and fro, I thought, “We think we are so big and yet, from the heaven, we are like tiny dots here today and gone tomorrow.  We really do need a heavenly perspective!”

There are millions upon millions of people running to and fro today on this round ball in the sky.  We have places to go, people to see and things to do.  It’s Monday and the “to and fro” is especially strong today.

Imagine if we were God watching all that “to and fro” happening.  He sees a speck and we see an obstacle.  He sees a dot on the road and we see road hazards and traffic.  He sees you inside that car and from up there – those cars all look the same.  No car is better than the other.  No person is better than the other.

Each tiny dot on the round ball represents a precious soul to Him.  Down here on earth, we don’t look at people like that.  Maybe because we are too close and we see each other physically instead of spiritually — like God sees us.

Maybe we are judging someone by the clothes they wear, the car they drive, their educational documents, or any other filter we use to assess people.  Maybe today is a good day to step back, take a deep breath from the one who gave you breath, and look into their eyes to search for their soul.  And just maybe, maybe, you will see the person God sees.

Can you imagine how much better your “To and Fro” will be if you see others the way God does?

Or see yourself the way God does?

And just maybe today – you have a big mountain to scale or a long road ahead of you.  Take a look at that picture again and realize this:  “It may be a tough road for you, but God can pick you up, move that mountain and place you in a better space.  He’s that big.  He’s not a tiny dot like we are.  He sits high above the round ball and He hears your cries for help and your prayers.”

God is watching you today.  He has his eye on you and you and you and you and me too.  He loves you.  He adores you so much he made a tent canvas for us to live under and His provisions are vast.  Our job is to take care of this round ball in the sky and every tiny dot (human) that races To and Fro on it who we might encounter along the way.

As this new week arrives, my Monday morning prayer for all of us is simple:

Slow down. Be nice. Show kindness. Seek peace.

Love others. Love yourself. Love God.

If all of us tiny dots on the roadway of life decided to do that, can you imagine how different our round ball of earth would be.  I can only imagine.  As I “To and Fro” today — I’m going to try to do what I prayed for us.  God calls us to try and He’ll see us trying from way above in the heavens and He will be so proud of you.  Just try and leave the results to Him.

Peace, love, over and out…your friend,




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