I took a walk to breathe some fresh air and help my mind to stop thinking too much.  It was a cold walk from the breeze coming from the river.

“Good morning” was said to many who jogged past me and to the dog walkers wishing their dogs would hurry up and do their business so they could start their day.  There were a lot of people on the riverwalk but no one was speaking.  It was nice.  It was calm.  It was peaceful.

My mind was on the future — an uncertain one.  I was trying to make a decision as to what to do and possibly, where to go.  Some doors had opened and I was peeking behind them to see if they were right for me.  Or, might it be a temptation from the boggy man to get me off focus and make a wrong decision.  Decisions.  Decisions.  Decisions.

Many of you know me — I do overthink at times and my mind was in that mode.  I was seeking calm and peace — something that I Really, Really want in this time of my life.  Fighting the political bad guys had taken about ten years of my life and I was hoping that this next season would be one of peace and getting back to a normal life again.  (whatever “normal” means – since nothing seemed normal anymore)  I was doubting.  I was troubled.  How could I put my talents and experience in that arena into a box and close it up for good and move to do something totally different?  Wasn’t there a way to use them in these new opportunities?  Is that how it works in life?  You do this and that and then you put them away and do another this and that?  For some people — they stay in their same jobs for years and they are happy.  I’m not really made that way and sometimes wish I was.  It would seem to make life much more simple and I was wondering why my life had not been that — simple.

Oh my mind — it was so full of thinking, wondering, pondering…and the peace that I sought was not coming.  My spirit was anxious and the walk was not helping me relax.  Dang it!!

I turned my attention to the sounds of the tiny waves hitting the rocks and saw a white bird standing still, very still.  I stopped and watched the bird eyeing the water for her early morning breakfast.  She was intent and focused.  She was not paying attention to me and didn’t seem to care I was snapping pictures of her — hoping I would catch her catch her breakfast.

Then I noticed something very strange.  She would look down into the water and then she would quickly look up into the sky.  She did it over and over again.  It was quick and too quick for my phone camera to catch her looking up.

Even though my camera could not catch it, I caught it and heard that still, small voice inside of me say, “She’s looking upwards to her source.  She’s calling out for me to bring a fish to her.  She’s praying to the one who made her.”

Oh my…I saw it.  I felt it.  I knew it.  That white bird didn’t just keep her head down – she looked up and then with faith — she looked back down and breakfast swam to her.  I watched as a tiny fish was caught and swallowed up — just like that.  Quick.  Very quick.  That fish never knew what happened and that bird’s belly was beginning to be rid of hunger pains.

I was in awe of this bird.  She was calm.  She was walking along the rocks with the waves brushing her legs and she would look up, look down, look up and look down – and BAM — breakfast was served!

It was a mesmerizing moment for me.  I knew that God – once again –  was speaking to me and challenging me to have the faith of this white bird.  She wasn’t worried.  She didn’t seem to panic.  She never looked perplexed.  She wasn’t pacing back and forth.  She was going from rock to rock with her eye on the water and a nod to heaven — and God supplied ALL her needs.  Now maybe she wished for a bigger fish — but God gave her what she needed — and that is all that we need.  Isn’t it?

Oh to be that bird!  To be as free as her and not confined to the trappings of this world with our political commentaries in the news, the movies, award shows, schools and everything else that we see daily.  Politics!  They have invaded our lives and this bird had no idea they had!

This bird wasn’t focused on the news of the day or the future that lies ahead.  All she cared about was today.  This moment.  This time.  This God who made her and would provide for her.

I snapped and snapped picture after picture and was able to capture one of her breakfast items in her beak.  It was so tiny and I wondered how in the world she could see such a tiny fish.  And then I laughed and knew that God had given her eyes to see exactly what she needed to see for her own survival.  And that’s all we really need – eyes to see that God is good and if we follow this bird’s direction – we’ll get what we need.

And just like that, she flew away and left me standing on the riverwalk, watching her glide away to the other side of the river.  I was transfixed on her, listening to the waves and wondering why God didn’t make me a white bird.  Oh to be that bird and fly away to the other side!

I turned to walk back home and as I did, I looked up and felt Him say, “Peace be with you, Billie.”

The peace that I was seeking was with me all the time and I knew it.  It’s just that sometimes I mess up that peace with too much thinking.

I don’t have the ability to fix the problems of this world, but He does.  I don’t need to worry about what’s behind the doors…He already knows what is there.  I don’t have all the answers to life…He does.  I can’t worry about the future…He’s already there waiting for me to enter in.  What I need to do is look up to Him in prayer, seek His will and listen for where I need to fish.  Then go fish where He sends me!

And…on top of that…He will supply all my needs…just enough for today…because tomorrow the fish might be biting somewhere else.  And when tomorrow comes – if it does – we need to keep on keeping on by calmly looking up, seeking His guidance and then putting our heads down and capturing all we need for the day.

I feel better and much more calm than I did when I started my walk.   A walk does a soul good.

Try it.  Go take one and watch the birds fly.  Give a heads up to God as you do.  The cares of this world may not melt away, right away but … just keep going and looking for some sign from God.  He’s walking the path with you and that in and of itself is enough because Peace is found in walking with Him.

And my dear friends — saying “Good morning” to people you don’t know and offering them a smile is a great way to start your day.  But the coolest thing of all is this…God just might send you a white bird to teach you a lesson or to give you hope that all will be okay.

I wish you peace my friends.  Have a wonderful day.


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