Yesterday I was stunned to read a report in Bloomberg about my beloved city, Jacksonville, Florida. I knew we had problems but I guess I didn’t think Bloomberg would write about us and that truly stinks!

When I saw the article, I thought about many business owners I’ve worked with who were smart enough to establish Key Indicators for their business. It’s almost like an instrument panel in an airplane. Each business knows what makes them money and the key things they need to focus on to stay in business. It’s a great tool for businesses and truthfully for individuals too.

As an individual, we need to focus on what makes us happy and fulfilled and what we need to do to live the life we have chosen. Some of us focus on those things and WAY TOO MANY do not. And when we don’t focus or set goals for ourselves, we wander aimlessly through life and we get what we get.

My city has made a mess of itself and I’m truly alarmed and ashamed of the situation we are in. We need strong and courages leadership that will take on this issue and not bow down to consultants or deep state elites (yes we have a swamp here too!). I’ll be watching the city leaders and praying that someone will have the boldness to attack and fix the core issues of our city.

I encourage you to do the same in your own life. If you are struggling with an issue that you’ve covered up with a fake smile, a fancy car or a bigger home — maybe this weekend will be your defining moment to do something about it. Maybe you can truly look at that issue and tell it — NO MORE! I want to live at peace and I want to know that I ended well when my last breath is taken.

There is nothing more peaceful than dealing with the demons in your closet and being set free.


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