It was a lazy Sunday and I was lazy.  I knew I needed to get up and out but didn’t really want to.  I wanted to be a lazy bum.  But bumming is not what I do well so I decided to be an adult and get moving.

I threw off the pjs and put on some walking clothes.  I grabbed a shirt with the message on it “I can’t adult today.”  I had picked it up on a sale rack about a year ago and it’s my go-to shirt for working out (like I do that a lot, ha ha!).

I stepped outside the condo building and immediately a woman walking her dog laughed and said, “Me too.”  I looked puzzled and she pointed to my shirt.  I gave her a thumbs up and said, “Yep, it’s Sunday.  Let’s not do this adult-thing today.”

She smiled.  I smiled.  I kept walking and talking to God.  I had some things on my mind and in my heart.  I was wondering why God wasn’t moving in some areas of my life and in our country.  I was thankful for the things being exposed in our country and I asked God when we would see justice served.  He didn’t answer me.  “We want justice, God,” I said.  “It’s unreal what’s happened and how corrupt our world has become.  When will we see corrupt politicians going to jail?”  He didn’t answer me.

As I walked along the Riverwalk, I came upon four young adults laughing and walking towards me.  As we approached each other, a guy sent a thumbs up and said, “Me too.  Great shirt.”  I smiled and he smiled and we passed each other.  I figured out quickly that my shirt was going to be a hit on the Riverwalk.

More and more people smiled and laughed or commented on my shirt.  It made for easy conversations and I was happy I had chosen to not be a bum inside the condo and instead light up the lives of some on the Riverwalk with my shirt.

I kept walking and talking to God in between my encounters with “like-the-shirt-people.”  My questions were “Why God?” and each time there was silence.

I have one spot where I sit and rest before heading back home.  As I sat down, I felt God say,

“You’re like a child, Billie.  Why?  Why?  Why?  Remember when your children were little and they would ask “Why?” and sometimes you would answer them but most of the time you said, “Because I’m the parent.  Trust me.  I have only the best of intentions for you.  I know best.”

“Well, my sweet Billie, that’s my answer to your “Why?” questions too.  I don’t want you to worry and question what’s happening.  I want you to trust me.  I know what I’m doing.  Lean into me and just watch the “Whys” unfold before your eyes.  When you are worried, just remember “Who I Am.”

I sat quietly listening to the sounds of the city and the waves lapping against the rocks on the riverbank.  I wanted desperately to become a child again and trust my Daddy Father that all will be right with the world – and in my own personal world too.  “But…God…I’m an adult.  How do I become a child?  That’s really hard to do.”

This time He answered…

“Let go of control.  Laugh at what’s happening.  Be still and know that I am God.”

Three things to become a child again yet the toughest three things God could ask me to do.

Not control?  Laugh?  Be still?   Really??????

“I’ll try it, Lord.  I’ll do my best.”  The tasks were enormous and truthfully I couldn’t do a thing about most of what was happening anyway.  I had no answers to the corruption of this world or the future of my own fate.  All I had was this moment and my faith to walk out on a daily basis and the faith to trust Him to make it alright with the world and with me.

As I stood up to head back home, a jogger came towards me and he said, “Oh to be a child again.  Great shirt.”  He smiled.  I smiled.  If only he knew the conversation I just had with God.

There are many things wrong in our world and I believe much will come to light in the days and weeks to come.  Yet I know God sees it already and knows what to do to fix it.  We just have to let Him be the adult and handle it.

For you personally, I pray for all your own personal fears to dissolve and maybe just maybe — you can walk in the splendor of being a child again.  Not an immature child but a trusting, big eyed, precocious, joyful, radiant…child of God.  One who doesn’t try to control, can laugh at the days to come and can be still and let God do His thing.

I absolutely LOVE this song and the beautifully done video to go along with it.  Please take a moment and relax before your week begins and watch/listen to the healing words and beautiful scenery.  And…please don’t adult today — as much as you think you should.  Try being a child…of God, that is, and maybe we’ll see each other on the playground of life this week.  I do hope so!   It would be a blessing to play with you again.  God bless you.


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